Beginners Guide to Loom Knitting

Beginners Guide to Loom Knitting

What Is Loom Knitting?

Loom knitting is the process of creating a knit fabric just like needle knit. The process is super simple and straightforward. Even though loom knitting has its widespread origins from Europe in the Middle Ages to the intricate craftwork of the Amerindian tribes of the Americas, today it remains a well-known technique that can be used to create anything from gorgeous wall hangings, hats, scarfs, blankets and beyond!  

Relaxed on the hands, beautiful materials are produced using a loom instead of needles. Loom knitting is exceptionally brilliant for those who experience sore hands, such as those with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. It is also a perfect alternative for a needleless approach to projects, not to mention that the technique is incredibly fast so you can whip up marvelous creations in record time. With a variety of knitting looms and a wide range of methods obtainable, loom knitting provides the basis to create diverse and appealing projects.

Choosing Your Knitting Loom

There are different types of loom depending on the project you embark on. While circular looms are an excellent match for hats and cowls, flat panel projects such as blankets are better with a rake (long) looms. The common types include:

Round Looms

Round knitting looms are looms that have no stopping point; you can continuously weave to attain ideal sizes and shapes which may consist of a square, oval, triangular and also heart-shaped looms.

Rake looms

Rake or long looms are characterized by a single row of pegs. They are generally used to create, through single knitting, flat panel projects such as blankets and scarves. Some rake looms have two rows with an extra peg on any of the loom’s end which allows you to work around it. Fabric made with a simple rake loom will have knit and purl sides.

Circular Looms

Circular looms are excellent for creating cozy embellishments, such as hats, beautiful ornate flowers, while triangular looms are great for making ponchos, triangular shawls, and gorgeous geometric homeware.

Afghan looms

Afghan looms, also known as serenity or S-loom is the perfect knitting loom for creating large panels of fabric which can be hemmed together to produce dreamy afghans and blankets.

Sock looms

Sock looms help you to knit any sock sizes. This is because it has an adjustable gauge which you can quickly reduce or increase. The gauge enables you to determine how tightly you want your fabric woven together. To calculate the gauge, consider your pegs’ sizes and the distance between each of your loom’s pegs.

Knitting board

The knitting board is used to create fabrics whose purl sides are facing inwards. This implies that the knit-wise fabric will appear on the outer sides. The knit board is made up of two parallel connected rake looms which allow you to double-knit the fabric. Your knitting board’s gauge is determined by the distance between each peg and the distance between each rake.

It is thus necessary to select your desired knitting loom as a beginner!

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