DIY Crafts Button Tree

DIY Crafts Button Tree

I have always been fascinated with button designs that I was able to collect over the past years, I still remember when I was a child, I would pick up some buttons on the floor and ask around if there’s anyone who lose once from their clothes until I would end up keeping it when nobody need owns it. Imagine over time I was able to fill up a jar of all kinds and all sizes of colorful buttons!

Last week, I just moved to another craft room as we decided to use our old computer/office room for my crafting. I was trying to find an idea online for a d├ęcor and I stumble upon a page of button ideas filled with all kinds of projects using buttons. I thought of it and said to myself, I guess I know what I want, a “Button Tree”!

I bought a Crayola brand quick dry clay and grabbed a roll of tiny wire from my old project, tried to also look for cute buttons from my jar collection and started twisting it with the wire. I made sure that the length would be just right before attaching them to the main wire as a trunk.

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