DIY Home and Garden Succulent Plant Using Pebble Rocks

DIY Home and Garden Succulent Plant Using Pebble Rocks

Painting pebble rocks has been a huge craze lately across the whole world, and I’ve been amazed with all the creative handcrafted designs shared in many social media circles. Naturally I thought of my own version too, which has become a great addition to my garden; but of course, since I don’t really need to water them, they can also be great as indoor decor. So I got all these nice large stone pebbles from the beach on our way home, after a visit to Crescent City a few months ago.

Below are the steps I followed, and these DIY succulent plants are so easy and fun to make!

Step 1

First, find a medium size terracotta or ceramic planter to make your project look realistic, and prepare the following items:

  • Your Pebble Rocks
  • Spray Paint in different shades of green
  • Acrylic paint (I used white color for designs)
  • A tiny paint brush applicator
  • A pack of white quartz I purchased from Dollar Tree.
  • Thick paper (I used a brown paper bag from the store)

Step 2

Add some squished papers inside the terracotta planter, or you can also use Styrofoam or even different rocks of all kinds. Cover on top with a round paper or paperboard separator as well if you wish.

Step 3 

I also added some white quartz pebbles from Dollar Tree, to make the pebble rocks stand out even more in the pot. You can also add any other kind of pebbles if you like.

Step 4

I used spray paints in 3 different shades of green, and I also used some green and white color acrylic paint from Michael’s Craft Store for the white marks, to make them appear like real succulent plants. Leave the pebbles for a few hours until the paint is dry.

Step 5

Arrange the painted pebble rocks like they’re gathered together in the center of your terracotta planter.

I hope you enjoyed my own version of this wonderful DIY home and garden succulent plant pebble rocks decor!

Thanks for reading!

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