Easy Way to Get the Right Measurement for your Dog Clothing

Easy Way to Get the Right Measurement for your Dog Clothing

Getting the right size of your dog clothing is easy nowadays if you follow the steps I am going to share before you buy any apparel for your fur baby pooches anywhere  or online. It is important to prepare your fur buddy a complete body size measurement, in order to make sure when your order arrives, it would fit perfectly.

Go ahead and grab your measuring tape, a pen and paper,  then record the following useful details I enumerated below:

  1. Neck –measure the circumference or how many inches around your dog’s neck loosely
  2. Girth – measure also the inches around the girth loosely
  3. Chest – measure the inches on the distance from the center of the chest around to back of the line for girth loosely, this is generally important as the dog may not walk comfortably if it is too tight
  4. Back – finally, measure the inches from the top back approximately, so the collar would fit then pull the tape measure of the base of the tail loosely
Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

These are also useful when you are sewing your own fur baby their clothing. I also added a chart below as your cheat sheet as a general guideline if you don’t have any available measuring tape to use.

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