For The Love of Crochet!

For The Love of Crochet!

Crocheting is something I love doing, and it’s a huge rush of excitement for me with each finished item hot off the hook. I’ve also been a great influence on my older sister and my cousins; showing them and making crochet bags for ourselves, plus crocheting so many other unique handcrafted DIY gifts for the rest of our family.

It all started in high school when my best friend Hilda and I tried to create hand made summer hats for our Barbie dolls. Then another day at home, I thought of buying more threads to make myself a home made crocheted shoulder bag; until finally I got too addicted to crochet and went on to also make full-size bed and couch covers for my mom.

Take a look at my very first few crafty crochet projects below! These are bed covers and sofa covers I crocheted myself when I was in college. My design is very basic, I just followed the steps shared from an old crochet booklet.

It all started when I was in high school as me and my best friend Hilda tried to create a summer hat for our Barbie dolls and then one day at home I thought of buying more threads to make myself a shoulder bag until I got too addicted to it and I made my mom a bed and a couch cover.

Take a look at my very first few projects below!

It makes me smile to see happy crochet creations on Facebook, since I joined these groups with thousands upon thousands of other crochet enthusiasts like myself who enjoy this craft and share their projects daily! I listed these great Facebook crochet groups below:

For The Love of Crochet
Crochet Addict
Creative Grandma
The Crochet Addiction
Crochet Create Dream Inspiring
My Hobby Is Crochet
Crochet Friends with Creativity
Crochet Gate
Only Free Crochet Patterns
Mommy’s Crochet Free Patterns
Yarn Wars FREE Crochet & Knit Community

Crochet Addicted

I love the free crochet patterns shared by some members, and the sharing of ideas and creativity that each community has been doing for many years, so I hope you like it as well. Enjoy!


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