How to Make Sure that a Content is Unique or Free from Plaigiarism?

How to Make Sure that a Content is Unique or Free from Plaigiarism?

For avoiding the penalization from different search engines, you must use unique content on your website. The unique content helps you to enhance the user experience on your website. The content you are using on your website must be unique not only at your web site but also across all webs. Display of unique content is the most important contemporary factor in search marketing. If you share content that contains spam material or resembles with low-quality data, Google will automatically filter out your website from the ranking. Duplication of content is becoming more prevalent these days so it is necessary that writers should pay extra attention to the content that they have chosen to post. The writers should verify that their content and hard-earned is unique and do not plagiarize in any way.

Luckily, there are many types of software available on Internet that easily checks the duplication of your content with their amazing plagiarism detecting tool. You can also check the duplication of your content with the use of Copyscape.

How to find the uniqueness of your content?

In this article, you can learn some common methods to check duplication of your web site’s content. For desired results, you have to follow some steps that are mentioned below.

Step #1:

Copy the specific portion of your content that you want to check. Paste that copy portion of your material in double quotes at the search field of the plagiarism software.

Step #2:

The plagiarism software that you are using shows you different results. These results will show you that where the content is used on the web. This method also helps you to find other websites on which your content could have been used. You can also paste your copied content in double quotes of Google search engine. The Google will show you several sites where your content might be used. The results will show you the list of websites where the posted data may have resembled with your web’s content. Carefully check the list of the result and ensure that the content of your website is incredible. If you find out duplication in your content, you must substitute it with new content.

Check the duplication of content with the help of Copyscape

Step #1

Enter the URL of your website into the given space and click on Search button. In this way, you can get the duplication result of your content.

Step #2

Carefully check each link because these results show the location of your content. If the result link returns the backlinks to your website, it means your content does not contain any duplication.

Step #3

In the result of your website’s content, if you notice other sites with the same content, it means your content is duplicated. For removing the duplication, you can eliminate the copied material or replace it with the unique one.

 With the help of the above mention steps, you can surely get the duplication free content for your website.

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