Sew Leather with a Standard Home Sewing Machine

Sew Leather with a Standard Home Sewing Machine

Have you ever tried to sew leather on the conventional sewing machine or are you one of those people who think that you cannot sew leather without an industrial machine?

The good news is you don’t need any industrial machine. By following the tips, I have mentioned below, you can easily handle leather on your standard sewing machine. By following these tips, you can easily handle the thickness of leather even on your regular sewing machine.

Tips to sew leather on a home sewing machine

Tip #1: Selection of Leather

Carefully choose the type of leather that you should use. For sewing your desire projects, you need a different type of leather patterns. For making different projects such as close fitting apparels or gathered leather layers may use thinner lather with the accommodation of stretch. For making coats and flatter projects may use thicker and durable leather.

  Tip #2: Use of Presser Foot

A regular presser foot does not work with leather. It prevents the leather from feeding firmly through the machine. Don’t worry; there is a quick fix of this problem. Simply change your regular presser foot with a Teflon Foot or with a Roller Foot because both of these presser feet glide smoothly on the leather.

Tip #3: Use of Proper Needles

Use leather needle instead of your regular sewing needle. Use heavy duty needles with specific tips that easily and swiftly pierce the leather.

Tip #4: Not to Use Pins

Sometimes any mark on your lather projects is permanent. So be careful and only mark when you are sure about the seam. Don’t use pins for marking your leather because it leaves holes. These holes make it more difficult to hold the leather in one place.

Tip #5: Different Stitch Length

For sewing the leather, use longer stitch as compared to the normal one. People probably use 3.5 cm stitch length. You can use any of the longer stitches than a normal but shorter in range than a basting stitch.

Tip #6: Use of Thread

Which thread do I use? Almost we all get confused in the matter of threads. For sewing the leather projects never use cotton threads. Instead of these use threads that are made up of nylon or polyester. You can also use heavy-duty topstitching threads, but leather projects do not look nice with heavy threads.

Tip #7: Test Leather Tension:

If the standard sewing machine does not adjust the thread tension automatically than it’s necessary to test the thread tension first. Make sure the thread should hold the leather firmly. Make sure the thread should not be seen when the threads are pressed to topstitched sides.

Tip #8 Pressing of Leather

For removing the wrinkles from leather projects, carefully iron them. Use the cotton, wool or linen settings according to the thickness of your leather project. For keeping your leather safe, use a clean press cloth.

Tip #9: carefully Use Hammer

 The height of the thick leather seams can be reduced with the use of the hammer. This will make them easier to sew through. This method is useful where you encounter more than two layers of leather.

Note: cover your leather project with a clean cloth before hammering.

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